British SF Award Winners and Nominees for Novels

1989My Rating
A Child Across the Sky Jonathan Carroll
Cyteen C. J. Cherryh
PyramidsTerry Pratchett
The Gold Coast Kim Stanley Robinson
The Child Garden Geoff Ryman
The Player of GamesIain M Banks
Mona Lisa OverdriveWilliam Gibson
LavondyssRobert Holdstock
KairosGwyneth Jones
The Wooden SpaceshipsBob Shaw
Life During WartimeLucius Shepard
Consider PhlebasIain M Banks
AegyptJohn Crowley
GrainneKeith Roberts
The Urth of the New SunGene Wolfe
Blood MusicGreg Bear
Count ZeroWilliam Gibson
Queen of the StatesJosephine Saxton
The Ragged AstronautsBob Shaw
SchismatrixBruce Sterling
Helliconia WinterBrian W. Aldiss
The Anubis GatesTim Powers
KiteworldKeith Roberts
The Warrior Who Carried LifeGeoff Ryman
Free Live FreeGene Wolfe
Empire of the SunJ. G. Ballard
Nights at the CircusAngela Carter
NeuromancerWilliam Gibson
Mythago WoodRobert Holdstock
The GlamourChristopher Priest
Helliconia SummerBrian W. Aldiss
Cat KarinaMichael G. Coney
Golden WitchbreedMary Gentle
Tik-TokJohn Sladek
The Citadel of the AutarchGene Wolfe
Helliconia SpringBrian W. Aldiss
No Enemy But TimeMichael Bishop
Little, BigJohn Crowley
The Divine InvasionPhilip K. Dick
The Sword of the LictorGene Wolfe
Hello AmericaJ. G. Ballard
Where Time Winds BlowRobert Holdstock
The AffirmationChristopher Priest
The Shadow of the TorturerGene Wolfe
TimescapeGregory Benford
TransfigurationsMichael Bishop
Engine SummerJohn Crowley
Beyond the Blue Event HorizonFrederik Pohl
Molly ZeroKeith Roberts
A World BetweenNorman Spinrad