British SF Award Winners and Nominees for Novels

1999My Rating
ThigMOO Eugene Byrne
Headlong Simon Ings
The Sky Road Ken McLeod
Silver Screen Justina Robson
Children of God Mary Doria Russell
Inversion Iain M. Banks
Queen City Jazz Kathleen Ann Goonan
The Cassini Division Ken MacLeod
To Hold Infinity John Meaney
The Extremes Christopher Priest
A Son of the Rock Jack Deighton
Signs of Life M. John Harrison
Earthquake WeatherTim Powers
The Sparrow Mary Doria Russell
Jack Faust Michael Swanwick
The Memory Palace Gill Alderman
ExcessionIain M. Banks
Interface Stephen Bury
The Stone Canal Ken MacLeod
Blue Mars Kim Stanley Robinson
Holy Fire Bruce Sterling
The Time ShipsStephen Baxter
The Nano Flower Peter F. Hamilton
Fairyland Paul J. McAuley
Evolution's Shore Ian Mconald
Blood Michael Moorcock
The Prestige Christopher Priest
Feersum EndjinnIain M. Banks
Engineman Eric Brown
Permutation City Greg Egan
North Wind Gwyneth Jones
Necroville Ian McDonald
Aztec CenturyChristopher Evans
Harm's Way Colin Greenland
Ammonite Nicola Griffith
Green Mars Kim Stanley Robinson
Snow Crash Neal Stephenson
Hot Head Simon Ings
Hearts, Hands and Voices Ian McDonald
Red MarsKim Stanley Robinson
Lost Futures Lisa Tuttle
Doomsday Book Connie Willis
RaftStephen Baxter
The Architecture of Desire Mary Gentle
Eternal Light Paul J. McAuley
Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett
The Fall of HyperionDan Simmons
Use of Weapons Iain M. Banks
Rats and Gargoyles Mary Gentle
Take Back PlentyColin Greenland
The Difference Engine Bruce Sterling and William Gibson
Hyperion Dan Simmons