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Welcome to my Doctor Who Reference Guide. Doctor Who is the longest running Science Fiction series of all time. It began on November 23rd in 1963 with the screening of An Uneathly Child, and it shows no sign of stopping.

One of the prime motivations for me setting up this website is to help me keep track of my Doctor Who collection. But I also hope it becomes a useful reference for other people with an interest in Doctor Who.

At the moment the information on the site is basically the back cover blurbs of the novelisations that I have. It gives a fairly good run down of the Doctor Who universe. I will be constantly adding more pages, and more detail to the pages already up. This is a website that will never be complete, there will always be something new I can add. That's the beauty of Dr Who, it never becomes old...

I'd welcome any comments or corrections, just email me.

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