The Vicar of Morbing Vyle
Richard Harland


Morbing Vyle, a town that everyone has forgotten, and for good reason. Martin Symthe stumbled across of few references to it and became intrigued. The place began to haunt his dreams, so he set out to find it. The nearest place he can find, in any modern records, is New Morbing. He begins his search there. The people of the township all become frosty when he starts making inquires about Morbing Vyle. Martin eventually finds an old burnt sign pointing down an overgrown path that leads to Morbing Vyle. He follows it and that's when things become really strange.

Martin becomes trapped in Morbing Vyle with a group of the strangest people. They were all called to Morbing Vyle at various times for reasons they can't explain. And they are all undertaken the Great Work that will see the return of the Vicar.

In conversation with one of the residents of Morbing Vyle, Martin learnt about the Vicar and his beliefs and practices, which give a whole new definition to the term 'body art'.

The only way Martin can escape is by defeating the Vicar.

The Vicar of Morbing Vyle is Richard's first book and has achieved an almost cult status amongst those who have read it. Sadly the book was produced by a small press publisher which makes it extremely hard to obtain a copy. It is worth the effort of trying to locate a copy. The ideas and imagination shown in this book is astounding. Richard is able to capture the macabre and surreal with his characters.

There are a few places where the writing isn't as polished and smooth as the rest of the book, but the ideas keep you reading through these patches. This book certainly shows the potential Richard has developed in his later works.

A dark and disturbing book I was almost tempted to give four stars, but for a little lax prose.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Have a nice day.

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