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Title Author My Rating Date
Button reMix Jon Courtenay Grimwood 25/6/00
Button The Ancient Future: The Dark Age Traci Harding 5/10/98
Button An Echo in Time: Atlantis Traci Harding 9/10/98
Button Masters of Reality
Review appeared in Harbinger issue 1
Traci Harding 11/10/98
Button The Vicar of Morbing Vyle Richard Harland 7/3/01
Button Ferran and the Angel Richard Harland 17/2/01
Button The Dark Edge Richard Harland 19/9/98
Button Taken by Force Richard Harland 19/9/98
Button Assassin's Apprentice Robin Hobb 20/8/00
Button Royal Assassin Robin Hobb 29/10/00
Button Assassin's Quest Robin Hobb 3/12/00
Button Doom 2: Hell on Earth Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver 25/6/00